Marina di Castagneto Carducci

Marina of Castagneto Carducci located in Tuscany along the Tyrrhenian sea. Situated on the Etruscan Coast in front of Elba Island a treasure trove of WWF protected fauna, with a small historical centre by the sea. Most notibly identified by the famous street of Cypress, which line the road and accompany you from San Guido to the magical walled hamlet of Bolgheri, nestled between green and undulating hills which house the beautiful medieval town of Castagneto Carducci. 280 Km from Rome, 90 Km from Florence, 80 Km from Siena, 60 Km south of Pisa, 45 Km from Volterra, 30 Km from Massa Marittima and 15 Km from the gulf of Baratti.

Climate and Territory

Marina of Castagneto Carducci has a mild and temperate climate where the sea breeze cools down the hot summer days which allows you to feel like you are holidays all year round. The sea is protected by the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, maintaining a constant and enjoyable water temperature.

The beach is surrounded by a dense and secular pine forest ending at the dunes which are covered in local mediterranean fauna (juniper coccolino, rosemary strawberry tree, myrtle and the rare maritime lily "pancratium maritimum". Here you will find wide and long beaches with an award winning crystal clear sea. The beaches have been awarded a "Bandiera Blu" status from the FEE and the Legambiente for the quality of the clean sea water, the environment and the service.

The Town

The Town lies in the center of a small seaside village where you can find cafe's resteraunts and small local shops. The amusement park surrounded by pine forest is called "Cavallino Matto" and is the biggest amusement park in Tuscany providing hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. In front of the sea you can find and military fort from the medici era, which once upon a time defended the coasts from the oncoming assults of the the Saracens.

The beach is perfectly equipped for families with both free and private beaches including "Blue Spots" where tourists can be assisted. To the south of the fort along the beach "Pianetti" you will find a space to walk along the sand, go for a run or have a swim in the shallow, crystal blue water. To the north of the town, on the "Seggio" beach, a large section is reserved and equipped for those who want to spend their holidays with their beloved dog on the "Dog Beach". Beyond this point, a long and wide beach continues, uncrowded and free to enjoy the beauty of this wild and uncontaminated area. Marina of Castagneto Carducci is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday with loved ones and where it is easy to forget the hectic pace of everyday life.

Via S. Pellico, 1
57022 Marina di Castagneto
Carducci (LI), Toscana - Italy

Via Circonvallazione, 29
Cecina (LI), Toscana - Italy

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